China Digital Animation Development begins 3D animation ventures in Singapore

MUMBAI: China Digital Animation Development, Inc. has signed a contract with Singapore’s Monstrou Studio PTE Ltd. to co-invest and co-produce a full-3D animated movie and animated series. The movie and series, Tritans, will not only be produced in 3D, but it will feature a trio of another sort, namely, it will be simultaneously produced in three languages: English, Chinese, and Malay. The government of Singapore has expressed its excitement in this multilingual and multinational venture by partially investing in the production.

The contract calls for both a movie and two thirteen-part animated series, the beginning of which will be completed by the end of November. The parties have agreed to describe the program as being presented by Monstrou Studio Pvt Ltd, the Media Development Authority of Singapore, and China Digital Animation Development, Inc.

Notably, most aspects of the production will be completed in China. China Digital Animation Development CEO Fu Qiang comments: "Our company is focusing not only on outsourcing and post-production services, but also complete start-to-finish animation. Tritans is our first step in that direction, and will provide future partners with a testament to our skills and capabilities." The Chinese government has encouraged local animation companies to produce original productions, and has offered grants to stimulate these productions. China Digital Animation Development CEO Fu Qiang states: "We believe that we are well-situated to take advantage of these favorable policies, and are working to initiate other original productions."