DivX strengthens presence in Blu-ray Disc market with Broadcom Chip Certification

Mumbai: DivX, Inc, a digital media company, has significantly expanded its influence within emerging Blu-ray players through the DivX Certification of Broadcom’s BCM7440 chip. Broadcom Corporation is a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications.

Broadcom’s DivX Certified BCM7440 chip enables Blu-ray manufacturers to include integrated support for high-quality DivX video. Broadcom is one of the few semiconductor producers to offer a mass-market Blu-ray chipset solution to major consumer electronics manufacturers. New Blu-ray players in development based on the BCM7440 will be able to play back high-quality DivX video burned on Blu-ray discs or saved on USB flash drives. Broadcom’s DivX Certified Blu-ray chip solution significantly contributes to the expanding influence of DivX video within the Blu-ray market and complements its growth in other product categories, such as set-top boxes and digital televisions.

"There is strong consumer demand for DivX and so we are pleased to extend support for DivX on our BCM7440 Blu-ray chipset," said Broadcom’s Consumer Electronics Group vice president & general manager Dan Eiref. "Broadcom is dedicated to designing differentiated products for our customers. We believe that the addition of DivX to our product portfolio opens up a compelling new source of content for consumers who increasingly rely on digital solutions for their entertainment experience."

"Blu-ray has emerged as the clear standard for high-definition video and, through DivX Certified chips such as the BCM7440, DivX is well-positioned to repeat the success it achieved within the DVD market," said DivX, Inc. senior Vice President, products. "Broadcom’s high performing DivX Certified BCM7440 Blu-ray chip highlights DivX’s prominence within the marketplace as the standard for high-quality digital video and we are pleased to work with Broadcom in offering a premium digital experience within next-generation entertainment platforms."

Products that bear the DivX Certified logo have undergone a rigorous testing program to ensure interoperability, security and visual quality. DivX Certified products enable consumers to create, play, and share high-quality video content across a range of devices and platforms.