Doremi Cinema introduces CineAsset software

Doremi Cinema

Doremi Cinema
Doremi Cinema
MUMBAI: Doremi Cinema has introduced CineAsset Software for digital cinema and presentation applications.

CineAsset is a media asset management software solution that converts common computer files such as QuickTime, AVI, JPEG and TIFF to JPEG2000, MFX wrapped files for playback on any digital cinema server including Doremi’s DCP-2000 and DCP-2K4.

Ideal for smaller, regional theater chains with digital cinema systems, CineAsset software allows statutory messages, custom slides and local commercials to be quickly and easily produced in-house without any prior experience in digital cinema mastering.

"With CineAsset, the JPEG2000 conversion and MFX wrapping happens as a software solution and creates DCI compliant content that can be ingested and scheduled directly on the server. This takes full advantage of the high quality 2K digital cinema experience without the added expense and time of off-site mastering," said Doremi Digital Cinema vice president Michael Archer.