Excel Home Video rides on Barack Obama mania

MUMBAI: As Barack Obama becomes the first African American president to enter the White House, Excel Home Videos has launched a spectrum of movies with black lead actors.

From the legendary Sydney Poitier – the first black American to win an Oscar in 1963 to Will Smith – the highest paid movie star last year; Hollywood has shown the way.

Some of the movies that Excel Home Videos will be pushing now are Goodbye Bafana, The Enemy of the State, The Last King of Scotland, Men of Honour, The Preachers Wife, Man On fire, Déjà Vu and I Robot.

Goodbye Bafana stars Dennis Haysbert and Joseph Fiennes and is based on Nelson Mandela, The Enemy of the State and I Robot stars Will Smith, and Last King of Scotland stars Forest Whitaker who received Academy Award for the Best Actor for the movie.

On the other hand, Men of Honor directed by George Tillman stars Cuba Gooding, Jr and Robert De Niro. The Preachers Wife, Man on Fire and Déjà Vu stars Denzel Washington and Will Smith.