HBO tops NAMIC Awards’ cable nominations

MUMBAI: The National Association for Multi-ethnicity In Communications (NAMIC) announced the nominees for the 14th Annual NAMIC Vision Awards. Presented by NAMIC-Southern California, the NAMIC Vision Awards is the only competition recognizing outstanding achievements in original, multi-ethnic cable programming.

HBO led all networks vying for the prestigious awards, which are scheduled for presentation on 16 April at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. HBO garnered ten nominations in five categories.

Disney Channel received five nominations and TV One garnered four. TV One’s impressive showing marks the largest number of NAMIC Vision Awards nominations earned by the network to date.
This year’s NAMIC Vision Awards will be presented at a luncheon held in conjunction with the NAMIC West Coast Creative Summit, which is part of the trade organization’s signature conference series focused on the content development aspects of the television industry.

“The Vision Awards exemplifies the best of what the cable television industry produces annually in multi-ethnic and cross-cultural original programming that positively reflects the diverse interest of its viewers,” said NAMIC president Kathy Johnson.

Programs garnering multiple recognition by receiving two nominations each include Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (HBO); Cory In The House (Disney Channel); Life Support (HBO), Lincoln Heights (AB) Special Investigations Unit (CNN); and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (Turner Broadcasting System).

Warner Bros. is the lead sponsor of the 14th Annual NAMIC Vision Awards and West Coast Creative Summit.