IFACT-GC provides anti-piracy update to enforcement units in HK, Macau

Mumbai: On 21 and 22 October, the International Federation Against Copyright Theft – Greater China (IFACT-GC), in association with the CJ Mark Committee (CJ Mark) of the Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) conducted two anti-piracy training seminars for Law Enforcement Agencies, one in Hong Kong and one in Macau.

The seminars, attended by more than 110 Customs Officials, provided the latest information on the latest trends in hard goods and online piracy and the identification of faked Blu-ray discs.

The seminars opened with addresses from head Hong Kong Customs Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau Ben Ho and Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Division of Macau Customs Service senior superintendent and head Ian Chan Un.

"Effective enforcement depends on good cooperation between rights holders and enforcement agencies," said Ho. "Regular updates by the industry are very useful to our officers in keeping track of the piracy trends of their products locally and worldwide.  Co-operation between Hong Kong Customs and IFACT-GC, the CJ Mark and CODA in identifying and fighting piracy in Hong Kong has been smooth and effective over the past years."

"The Macau Government has a zero tolerance policy for movie piracy and other IPR crimes," said Intellectual Property Rights Department of Macau Customs Service chief superintendent and head Vong Man Chong. "The information in the training sessions from IFACT-GC keeps us up-to-date on piracy trends, making our enforcement more effective."