IndieGoGo’s social market for filmmakers

MUMBAI: IndieGoGo has launched, an online social marketplace connecting filmmakers and fans to make independent films happen. The platform provides filmmakers the tools for project funding, recruiting, and promotion, while enabling the audience to discover and connect directly with filmmakers and the causes they support.

IndieGoGo addresses the fundraising challenges and market inefficiencies affecting independent filmmaking today. IndieGoGo enables this ‘filmocracy’ by providing filmmakers an open platform to pitch their projects to the world, and gives the fans a vehicle to experience and influence the once inaccessible world of filmmaking.

“DIY has long been the mantra of independent filmmaking and financing. At IndieGoGo, we push that to the next level with DIWO—Do It With Others, which more accurately reflects the active communal process required to launch film projects.”
“Using the tools IndieGoGo offers, we aim to empower artists to realize their goals and bring more relevant films to the people. Online fundraising is accelerating, the cost of production is falling, social networking is approaching mainstream, and user-controlled media is the future. As these trends accelerate, IndieGoGo offers a new marketplace to turn ideas into film, and fans into insiders,” said IndieGoGo founder and chief of strategy and marketing Slava Rubin.
At IndieGoGo, filmmakers have new resources to build and engage a loyal fan base to assist in making their projects happen. Filmmakers can also raise money and awareness, find cast and crew, and gain credibility with the help of their fans.
Meanwhile, fans get the opportunity to discover and impact the films of tomorrow while getting insider access and VIP perks for their contributions. But beyond the VIP perks, fans get an everyday opportunity to support the people, films, or causes they believe in.