Jaman to provide videos for DivX platform

MUMBAI: Video technology company DivX is set to add titles from the independent Internet film service Jaman.com’s library to the DivX Connected platform. This will enable DivX to provide consumers with easily accessible high-quality digital media content through a variety of consumer electronic devices.

Titles at Jaman.com include foreign, independent, short, and documentary films. The first DivX Connected device available to consumers from D-Link is presently for sale online in the UK, France, and Germany and will be released in the US in 2008.

“By working with DivX to make Jaman video available on the DivX Connected platform, we can offer our users a compelling solution to bring internet-distributed international and independent films directly into their living rooms,” said Jaman CEO Gaurav Dhillon. “We want to give our users the ability to watch their content how and where they like, beyond just the PC.”

“Jaman’s model of distributing high quality movies over the internet offers viewers a uniquely diverse range of content, but viewers want flexibility over where they watch those films,” said DivX co-founder, vice president & group business manager, media experience Jerome “Gej” Vashisht-Rota.

“Because DivX Connected is an open platform, we can partner with services like Jaman, and together bring compelling new content to the living room for a truly cinematic experience,” Vashisht-Rota said.