Jaman.com offers free women-oriented films

MUMBAI: In honor of International Women’s Day (8 March), the leading online destination for quality international and independent entertainment, Jaman.com, is offering free downloads of an exciting collection of films reflecting the experiences of women from all over the world.
"We cannot underestimate the power of film to inspire us and transform the world," said Jaman CEO Gaurav Dhillon. "Jaman is honored to share these important films made by women to a global audience."
From 5-9 March, viewers can download the following films free of charge: Amu, Chahinaz and Migration. In addition to these, Jaman has a prestigious film collection of American independent and international films built in partnership with premier libraries such as Dreamachine, Trust Film, Fortissimo Film, Celluloid Dreams, Fortune Star, Celestial Pictures and Vanguard.