Lionsgate to release iTunes digital copy of films

MUMBAI: Lionsgate is working with Apple to provide Digital Copy for iTunes, affording customers who purchase select DVDs with an additional iTunes Digital Copy of the movie. Just like movies purchased from the iTunes Store, an iTunes Digital Copy can effortlessly be transferred to iTunes and then viewed on a PC or Mac, iPod with video, iPhone or on widescreen television with Apple TV.
The first Lionsgate DVDs to debut with iTunes Digital Copy will be the special edition DVD and Blu-ray releases of Rambo, the latest installment in the popular action franchise starring Sylvester Stallone and The Eye, the supernatural thriller starring Jessica Alba. Rambo will be available at retail from 27 May and The Eye will be released on DVD this summer. Lionsgate and Apple will deliver numerous additional Lionsgate films on DVD with iTunes Digital Copy later this year.

"Digital Copy for iTunes is a perfect example of how packaged media and new digital technology can work hand in hand for the benefit of our consumers," said Lionsgate president and co-chief operating officer Steve Beeks.
"Lionsgate is constantly identifying fresh opportunities to monetize its 12,000-title filmed entertainment library in an increasingly digital world and provide product that is at the very cutting edge of consumer taste. Our consumers are always looking for new viewing options in terms of the motion pictures they buy, and we are always searching for new ways to deliver content in formats that reflect consumer preference across the entire home entertainment spectrum, from packaged media to digital storage to VOD. Building on our longstanding partnership with Apple, Digital Copy for iTunes is yet another innovation designed to provide the consumer with added value while continuing to expand our range of home entertainment choices."
"We’re excited that Lionsgate is delivering so many of their great films on DVD and Blu-ray with an iTunes Digital Copy," said Apple vice president of iTunes Eddy Cue. "Now movie fans can easily transfer a copy of many Lionsgate films onto iTunes and bring it with them on their iPod or iPhone."
The new iTunes Digital Copy provides a consumer friendly way to transfer a DVD purchase to a user’s iTunes library. Once a customer buys the DVD, he or she inserts it into their computer, enters a unique code into iTunes, and the movie is automatically copied to their iTunes library. Customers own the iTunes Digital Copy of the movie and it has all of the same great viewing options as other iTunes Store video content, including the ability to be viewed on a computer, iPod with video, iPhone and widescreen television with Apple TV. Each DVD will only transfer its iTunes Digital Copy to one iTunes library. An iTunes account is required.
Lionsgate already features a wide variety of movies for rental and purchase on the iTunes Store including such recent hit releases as the critically-acclaimed Western 3:10 to Yuma, the outrageous comedy Good Luck Chuck and the action film War in addition to classic Lionsgate library titles including Dirty Dancing and Reservoir Dogs as well as celebrated television programming such as Lionsgate’s hit comedy series Weeds.