Meyer sound cinema system installed in first cinemas in US

MUMBAI: Meyer Sound has installed its first sound cinema experience system in two US-based commercial theatres, located in Gulf Breeze and Pace, Fla. Both systems, at The Breeze and The Ridge Cinemas, will be used for the first time during the opening of Alice in Wonderland on 5 March.


“Until now, cinema owners and audiences have accepted mediocre audio even as they demanded exceptional visuals. Not only was the retrofit relatively painless but the results take cinema sound to a whole new level. Audiences will definitely now have a superior sound experience that will bring them back to the movies,” says Brian Smith of Advanced Media Design Systems.


Based on the Acheron screen channel loudspeakers, the Meyer Sound Cinema Experience system that was installed by Advanced Media Design Systems is part of an integrated line of scaleable cinema systems. From sound design rooms to re-recording stages to movie theatres, this complete line of self-powered loudspeakers provides remarkable headroom with low-distortion, and is designed for accurate translation to standard cinema systems.