MPAA’s Glickman lauds Film Production Tax Legislation

Mumbai: MPAA Chairman and CEO Dan Glickman made a statement in response to the introduction of the Domestic Film Production Equity Act of 2008 in the United States Senate:

He said, "The American motion picture and film production industry applauds the leadership of Senators Feinstein and Smith in introducing the Domestic Film Production Equity Act of 2008. The pro-production fiscal policies outlined in this bill will have a direct and positive impact on the United States’ economy."
"Film and television production occurs all across the United States each year, creating $30.24 billion in US wages and contributing millions of dollars into local economies. Each individual production employs hundreds of hardworking Americans. This bill recognizes the importance of the filmed entertainment industry as a US economic engine and aims to stimulate domestic production and job creation. I applaud Senators Feinstein and Smith for supporting the continued growth of the U.S. economy and championing American workers."