Oscars awards face music of WGA strike

MUMBAI: After the Golden Globes faced a dismal reception owing to the Writer’s Guild Association strike, it is now Oscar Academy Awards facing the music.


The Golden Globes, held more than a week ago, was reduced to a mere 30-minute news conference due to the complications that arose from the writer’s strike. According to news reports, it was the threat of a SAG boycott in support of the striking writers that derailed the Golden Globes telecast on 13 January and earlier forced sponsors of the People’s Choice Awards to announce their winners in a pre-taped clips show.


The first Oscars were awarded 80 years ago and since then the ceremony has been altered or delayed only thrice. This year, the question is if the 12-week old WGA strike against the AMPTP will be enough to deter the approaching Academy Awards.


According to a Reuters’ news reports, Oscar organizers insisted on Tuesday that their show will go on as scheduled on 24 February. But, neither the Academy nor host John Stewart have put together a team of writers for the show, as the strike continues.


“We’re dealing with contingencies, but we’re full steam ahead,” said Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Sid Ganis. “The point is we’re going to have a show, and we’re going to give these incredible artists what they’re due,” he added. However it remains to be seen if the telecast of the ceremony will be as opulent and star-studded as usual.


Barring a situation where a settlement is reached, the Writers Guild of America has threatened to picket the event. The Screen Actors Guild also maintains that its members would stay home rather than cross picket lines to attend the Oscars.