Paramount Pictures offers film clips on Facebook

Facebook - Paramount Pictures Voo-Zoo
Facebook - Paramount Pictures Voo-Zoo
Facebook – Paramount Pictures Voo-Zoo

MUMBAI: Viacom’s Paramount Pictures has become the first major studio to make clips from thousands of its movies available for use on the Internet.

The movie studio has joined hands with Los Angeles-based developer FanRocket to introduce the Voo-Zoo application on the popular social networking website Facebook.

The application was launched today (10 March, 2008). Paramount will use the clips to market its extensive catalogue of DVDs.

Voo-Zoo will give Facebook users access to footage from Paramount’s movie library to send to others on the networking site.

The clips last from a few seconds to several minutes and cover the gamut from Eddie Murphy’s guffaw in Beverly Hills Cop to Audrey Hepburn’s pleas over her no-name slob cat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The studio will market DVDs of the movies after each clip is played.

Additionally next to a clip a button will also appear where users can click to buy a DVD.