RealD and Hollywood theaters partner for 100 RealD 3D screens

MUMBAI: RealD and Hollywood Theaters have partnered to equip a minimum of 100 screens across the country and overseas with RealD 3D technology. The rollout, which has already begun, will see 64 RealD 3D installations by mid-December, and the additional RealD 3D screens will be added in early 2010.

"Moviegoers are seeking out the premium, fully immersive 3D experience only available with RealD’s digital 3D technology. It’s exciting to partner with Hollywood Theaters on this large number of screens so their nationwide audience can experience Avatar and other upcoming releases in crystal clear RealD 3D," said RealD president of worldwide cinema Joseph Peixoto.

"From the outstanding customer experience to the ease of operations, Hollywood Theaters believes RealD is the clear choice for 3D technology as we launch our digital deployment. And, fiscally speaking, partnering with RealD provides us the flexibility of being 3D capable on multiple screens in any one complex with a minimal capital expense," said Hollywood Theaters chief operating officer Clyde Cornell.