Rentrak CEO purchases company shares worth $280,000 in open market

MUMBAI: Rentrak Corporation CEO Bill Livek, recently purchased a total of 12,033 shares of Rentrak common stock on the open market for approximately $280,000, bringing his total direct ownership to 97,384 shares, or just under 1% of total shares outstanding.  Livek also holds 360,000 stock options, 75,000 stock appreciation rights and 103,500 restricted stock units (RSUs).

Separately, the company said that RSUs vested in February ,2011 for three members of its executive management team, including Livek, Rentrak chief operating officer and chief financial officer David Chemerow and Rentrak executive vice president Information Technology and chief information officer Amir Yazdani.  These RSUs were awarded to Livek, Chemerow and Yazdani as part of their regular compensation package.  In total, 70,265 RSUs vested, 26,932 of which were withheld for income tax purposes.  Livek, Chemerow and Yazdani did not receive any cash related to these transactions.

Rentrak also announced that Paul Rosenbaum, the company’s chairman of the Board, recently purchased 168,355 shares of Rentrak common stock upon exercise of stock options, 85,178 of which he tendered back to Rentrak in payment of the applicable stock option exercise price and tax withholding obligations.  Rosenbaum did not receive any cash related to the transaction.  Rosenbaum currently holds 338,617 shares of common stock, or approximately 3% of total shares outstanding, 117,181 stock options and 15,000 stock appreciation rights.