Rentrak to distribute Sony Blu-Ray titles

MUMBAI: Rentrak Corporation has broadened its revenue sharing agreement with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) to include the Blu-Ray high definition (HD) format. Rentrak will begin distributing and tracking SPHE Blu-Ray titles with the first shipments expected in September 2007.

This deal represents Rentrak’s first opportunity to distribute high definition Blu-Ray discs on a revenue sharing basis, which both broadens and strengthens the existing relationship with SPHE. By expanding its revenue-sharing relationship with SPHE to include the distribution of more than 60 Sony catalog and all future new release Blu-Ray titles, Rentrak’s retail store “rentailers” will be able to give their customers a broad selection of Blu-ray product to choose from.

By expanding the entertainment content Rentrak distributes to include the Blu-ray format, it enables Rentrak’s “rentailers” to meet the needs of a growing base of high definition consumer households and to capitalize on high definition home video product which is projected to represent an increased share of the market in the years ahead.

“This move illustrates Rentrak’s market knowledge and foresight to get in on the ground floor of this fast-moving industry trend that will help accelerate consumer adoption of high definition technology. Our revenue sharing model is an effective way to establish a significant presence in the market for a broad range of titles and sets the stage for Rentrak to distribute additional high definition content from our large roster of studio partners,” said Rentrak’s Pay Per Transaction (PPT) Division president Marty Graham.

“Now is the time for independent retailers to demonstrate to their customers that they are part of the high definition movement. This expanded revenue sharing program is the perfect opportunity to take that step,” added Rentrak’s PPT division senior vice president of sales and customer relations Tim Erwin.

The broadened revenue sharing agreement underscores the relationship between Rentrak and SPHE that has been in operation in the United States since January 2006.