Turner, Outblaze to create Web 2.0 Force

MUMBAI: Turner Entertainment Holdings Asia Pacific (Turner) has entered into a strategic partnership with leading web infrastructure company Outblaze Limited (Outblaze), creating a powerful digital partnership, TurnOut Ventures Limited (TurnOut), in the Asia Pacific.


Based in Hong Kong, TurnOut will leverage Cartoon Network’s extensive library of established brands and characters and the pioneering web expertise of Outblaze to launch highly interactive community networks.  TurnOut will serve to strengthen Turner’s digital and online assets in the region and allow Outblaze to leverage its robust and scalable infrastructure and services.


Turner and Outblaze will co-invest in TurnOut to create a series of destination community websites for kids and young adults. Cartoon Network characters and content will be available under a brand license and Outblaze will provide its expertise and creative leadership in building the web businesses of the entity.


“This partnership with Outblaze will allow Turner the opportunity to leverage our digital assets on existing and emerging digital platforms. With the proven track record of Outblaze in creating successful web businesses, Turner is well-positioned to break through the digital clutter, and offer our diverse content in a branded environment familiar to our audience,” said Turner International Asia Pacific vice president business development YewMing Lau.


“We’re immensely excited to partner with Turner on a project of such potential,” said Outblaze founder and chief executive officer Yat Siu. “We will be working on highly recognizable brands like The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Mojo Jojo and others to develop new service-rich web destinations enabled for web 2.0, with games, video sharing, and much more.”