Universal Music Group partners with Guvera

MUMBAI: Universal Music Group (UMG) and Guvera Limited, announced an agreement which will allow http://www.guvera.com to offer consumers free, legal downloads from UMG’s market-leading roster of chart-topping musical artists.

Consumers currently can pre-register at Guvera.com where they will complete profiles with demographic and geographic information. Brands will fill out similar profiles and Guvera’s patented algorithms will then match these consumer profiles and preferences with a brand’s personality.Consumers can search for any song, artist or musical genre they desire and will be directed towards relevant brand channels providing these tracks or groupings of tracks. Brands will pay a fee when their targeted consumers download music, and companies such as Universal Music Group will, in turn, receive a percentage of that fee per download to distribute back to their artists and/or labels.Guvera Limited CEO and the inventor behind the Guvera model Claes Loberg commented, "One of our missions is to make music free for people worldwide, while still paying the artists and the labels that create and distribute it. With Guvera, every brand can offer engaging content to their target consumers without disrupting them with ads and can use their channel to represent music that relates to the brands’ personality

." He added, "I am excited to announce our content deal with Universal Music Group, which has been a pioneer in championing new digital business models, as well as a steadfast advocate for artists in seeking fair compensation for the use of their music online.""We are delighted to partner with Guvera, whose service will only strengthen the connection between artists and fans," stated eLabs Executive Vice President of Business Development & Business Affairs David Ring . "Universal Music is committed to cultivating legitimate online entertainment by offering our consumers even more ways to enjoy the musical experience where they want, how they want and in the manner of their choosing."