Yahoo! and Rhapsody deliver full song playback in Yahoo! Search

Mumbai: Yahoo! (Nasdaq:YHOO) and Rhapsody are making the Web playable. Users who search for an artist with available content on Yahoo! will be able to click play right in the Yahoo! shortcut at the top of the search results and instantly stream full-length songs by that artist through the FoxyTunes Player.

The Yahoo! Search music playback experience is now powered by Rhapsody, tand MTV Networks and offers full-song playback for more than 5 millions tracks. Yahoo! recently partnered with Rhapsody to offer users access to Rhapsody’s acclaimed subscription music service and have now extended that relationship to include music playback within Yahoo! Search. This partnership allows all users to listen to 25 free full-length tracks every 30 days. Once 25 songs have been played, users can subscribe to the Rhapsody Unlimited streaming service or continue to listen to an unlimited number of 30-second samples until the next month begins.

Yahoo!’s FoxyTunes Player enables the on-demand, web-based playback of music within Yahoo! Search and throughout Yahoo! Music. The player is easy to use, offers full functionality for song playback, and includes an expandable playlist option. Users can continue to browse their results page while the player is in use, as search results will continue to scroll while the player stays in place near the bottom of the browser window.

"The launch of full-song playback in Yahoo! Search brings us closer to realizing Yahoo! Music’s vision of making the web playable and removing the barriers that prevent people from clicking play and hearing music," said Yahoo! Music head Michael Spiegelman.

"The integration of Rhapsody playback into Yahoo! Search is a major step toward our goal of delivering Music Without Limits to consumers across the Web," said Rhapsody America vice president business management Neil Smith. "The integration between Rhapsody and Yahoo! eliminates additional steps that previously served as a barrier to connecting consumers with artists and their music."