Yvette Yates joins Eva Longoria Parker & Maria Conchita Alonso in new comedy

MUMBAI: Award-winning actress Yvette Yates is making her mark in Hollywood in a new comedy titled Without Men, a battle of the sexes film based on the international bestseller Tales From the Town of Widows by James Canon.

The cast for this independent film also stars Eva Longoria Parker, Maria Conchita Alonso, Judy Reyes, Kate Del Castillo, Monica Huarte, Oscar Nunez and Christian Slater among others. Written by Gabriela Tagliavini, the film is set in a remote Latin American jungle (filmed in Santa Barbara) where Longoria Parker’s character leads a group of women to fend for themselves after their men leave to fight in a civil war. A battle of the sexes ensues when the men return to reclaim their power.

"Everything about being part of this film, including the opportunity to work with such a talented writer, director and gifted cast, was an incredible experience, both personally and as a professional actor. Even though there was non-stop laughter on the set, the film’s message is empowering and sends a positive message about women and societal roles," said Yates.