Zed and Lionsgate sign mobile partnership

Mumbai: Lionsgate and mobile content company Zed has signed an agreement to co-develop mobile entertainment projects, based on Lionsgate films, television programming and music as well as original properties for mobile.

The agreement will not only leverage Lionsgate content in the form of mobile video across Zed’s global network of mobile operators, but will also create new revenue streams and creative opportunities through traditional ringtones, wallpaper and games as well as new forms of mobile video and mobile interactive communities.

Zed develops and markets entertainment and community products and services for mobile distribution through a network of 130 mobile operators, reaching more than 50 global territories and two billion mobile subscribers. The mobile marketplace is currently the fastest growing industry worldwide, outpacing that of landline phones, personal computers, television sets and cars, bringing in annualized wireless revenues of over $143 billion, according to CTIA research. Experian Consumer Research predicts that, by December 2010, 70 percent of consumers in our global society will carry at least one cellular device. Additionally, the growing range of multimedia handsets and faster connections have greatly increased creative avenues such as user-generated content, instant messaging, text messaging and image sharing.

"Consumers are clearly increasing penetration of the mobile market, and as two next-generation entertainment companies, we’re excited to form our global partnership with Zed to create a powerful new industry model for mobile entertainment," said Lionsgate president digital media Curt Marvis. "We look forward to bringing this fresh opportunity to consumers by the end of year, and this agreement continues our momentum in creating innovative new content deals to serve the digital marketplace worldwide."

Lionsgate and Zed will oversee financing, development, production, marketing and distribution.

"This agreement truly represents the 21st century model of Hollywood entertainment evolving to serve new global distribution markets. I am confident we will significantly increase the success of the two enterprises," said Zed founder and CEO Javier Perez Dolset.