BIG FM stirs youth on World Cancer Day

MUMBAI: BIG 92.7 FM, in keeping with the ‘Vibe of the City,’ caught up with the students of colleges on the occasion of World Cancer Day on 4 February.
This initiative was put together by BIG 92.7 FM to generate awareness on the deleterious effects/consumption of tobacco smoke, which is one of biggest causes for tobacco-related cancer globally. Extending their support on the day was none other than celebrity contestants of the hit musical show Saregamapa challenge 2007 Mauli Dave, Junaid Shaikh along with the young and effervescent host of the show Aditya Naraayan. Also, joining the evening was popular singer-music director Anand Raj Anand of hit movies like Welcome, Masti and Kaante.
The evening witnessed excellent participation from young students as they gathered to pledge for the cause. And it did come a full circle as the interactions soared high on this platform with the celebrities who as role models for many youngsters, was there to instill insight and alertness about the ill-effects of smoking.
Speaking on the occasion, BIG 92.7 FM station director Mumbai Arjun Singh Baran said, “We are very glad to offer a platform for the youngsters of today to express themselves for such a topical and critical issue. We are a station that reflects the true Vibe of the City and offer an excellent platform for self-expression. Through this initiative, we further our promise of Life Banao! We were overwhelmed with the responses and participation received from these students, and we hope to continue being a part of many such events to come in future.”