Music Review: Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

Film: Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

Director: Ram Gopal Varma 

Producer: Ram Gopal Varma

Music Director: Prasanna Shekhar  

Lyrics: Bappi Lahiri, Ganesh Hegde, Amar Mohile, Prasanna Shekhar, Nitin Raikwar 

Rating: 2.5/5

Remaking an epic and refashioning its music is like playing with fire! RGV film music has never qualified as a great piece of work, sans exceptions like Rangeela. So even if people appreciate this album, it’s all thanks to the master copy (Sholay). If comparisons are to be drawn between Sholay and Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag, the lineaments of music are class apart!

R.D Burman’s compositions have been an epitome of originative music. Though RVG’s ‘Mehbooba Mehbooba’ takes inspiration from the original, it is sure to click with the listeners. The song does mark a difference and has fresh elements. Sunidhi Chauhan does a brilliant job in bringing about variations in every stanza. Sukhwinder Singh’s unconventional voice has always been a delight and in this song too he stands out because of his exceptional vocalizing.  The voices blend well and the lyrics are apt for the situation. The track is intermixed with the original and it does stick out!

The holi song has a very different feel to it. Shreya Ghoshal, Ravindra Upadhayay, Shweta Pandit have their voices in perfect sync. The track is fast paced but in bits it does sounds similar to a song from Shiva (original). The lyrics though unusual have a great impact. This number is sure to win many a hearts. 

Ruk Jha is fused with contemporary music but sounds a bit unrefined. One may not enjoy those sharp notes with too much variation in voice bombarded in it. Vinod Rahod and Sunidhi croon a shrill voice which will make you feel dizzy. The lyrics sound okay, but the projection seems weak. 

Cha Raha can be slotted as one of those passionate love songs. The lyrics seem fine and the music is peppy yet soothing at the same time. Shweta sounds similar to Chitra and will surely leave one confused. Vinod here proves his versatility as a singer. 

The film’s theme song, Hain aag yeh starts with Sholay’s background score but graduates to a fresh new track completely. Sunidhi creates magic with her adaptability. Though she may sound like Asha Bhosle in some areas, she is here to give every singer a run for their money! The music enhances her vocals and sensuous voice. This track possibly has the best music after Mehbooba Mehbooba. 

The moment Jee Le’s starts playing you will sense one of Micheal Jackson’s hit creation being mimicked, though a slight touch, yet noticeable! Yeh Dosti part 2? Yes, the song’s situation seems clear but it certainly doesn’t offer anything great. Even the lyrics bear no head or tail. 

The next track, Dum has a fairly good music and is given fair justice by Vinod. One may find it difficult to comprehend the lyrics as it runs parallely the music. The beats are very well weaved with the lyrics. One can say that the music is experimental and has been packaged well. 

If you like Mehbooba Mehbooba, you are sure to like the remixed version too. And the same goes for the theme song. 

The album has a peculiar style of music which may receive extreme reactions from music lovers. But one can surely lay their hands on this album for Mehbooba Mehbooba and the title track, they are worth the bucks!