T-Series nabs Mee Marathi for unlawful music telecast

Mumbai: Following up on T-Series taking a serious note of IPRS norms, the music company has got an ex-parte injunction against satellite channel Mee Marathi for unlawful telecast of the music owned by the company.

HMJ Rajiv Sahai Endlaw on 10 November, 2008 granted an ex-parte injunction restraining Mee Marathi from broadcasting, telecasting or communicating to the public T-Series contents in any manner whatsoever till the next date 19 January, 2009. This followed a suit filed by Super Cassettes Industries Limited (T-Series) in New Delhi High Court against Shri Adhikari Brothers (Mee Marathi) for injunction and damages.

T-Series creative director Divya Khosla Kumar says, "We have always been a serious player in this industry and to make music work among the masses, it is important that it makes money for the music companies who invest so much on songs and song pasteurizations. At T-Series, it is always no-expenses spared effort. Hence, we come down strongly on pirates and those violating the IPRS laws. The current matter is sub-judiced and hence we would not be able to comment on it."