9 Shocking Revelations Made By Pratyusha Banerjee’s Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh

Shocking-RevelationsPratyusha Banerjee suicide case has shocked the nation. The main accused in the case Rahul Raj Singh who is said to be the force behind Pratyusha’s suicide has made shocking revelations about their relationship. Rahul’s statements have given a confusing perspective to the suicide. Moreover, it is many times stated that Rahul cheated on Pratyusha and they had a disturbed relationship. Here are 9 shocking revelations made by Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh.


Rahul-Raj-Singh-&-PratyushyaSuicidal tendency– Rahul Raj Singh claimed that he never saw any suicidal tendencies in Pratyusha Banerjee. Rahul urged that he never thought that the Balika Vadhu actress would take such a drastic step.Rahul-Raj-Singh-&-pratyushay-family-&-FrndsBank accounts– Rahul Raj Singh was blamed by Pratyusha’s family and friends for controlling her expenses. It was also reported that Pratyusha used to take money from her maid for her daily expenses and medicines. Rahul denied the blames and stated that he was the one who opened her solo account and all her accounts were handled by her mother and he was nowhere in the picture for finances.Rahul-Raj-Singh-&-Pratyushya-1Marriage– It was shared by Pratyusha Banerjee’s friends and family that Rahul and Pratyusha were not in a happy relationship. Commenting on the same, Rahul Raj Singh confessed that they were going to get married in the month of November.


Rahul-Raj-Singh--&-Pratyushya-Bannergy-1Fights– Rahul Raj Singh was accused by Banerjee’s close ones of being abusive towards her. Rahul denied the blame and had shared that fights happen in every relationship but they never had a major argument like it is being portrayed.Rahul-Raj-SinghRahul’s past marriage– Rahul Raj Singh’s past marriage was brought to the limelight after he was blamed for cheating on Pratyusha. Rahul stated nothing was hidden from the actress and that she knew about his past marriage. Moreover, he had already been divorced in the year 2013.PratyushyaOn Pratyusha being pregnant– According to the recent investigations, it is revealed that Pratyusha Banerjee was pregnant and had also aborted the child. Rahul Raj Singh according to reports has given a statement to the police officials confessing that he was aware of Pratyusha’s pregnancy but never accompanied her to the doctor.Pratyushya-Parents-&-FrndsBreaking family ties and friends– Rahul was pinpointed by many for being controlling towards Pratyusha. The actress’ friends stated that Rahul was the one because of whom Banerjee used to be away from family and friends. Rahul on the other hand stated that he was the one who used to pacify problems between Pratyusha and her parents.Rahul-Raj-Singh-1Running away from the hospital– Rahul Raj Singh became the sole accused in everyone’s minds after he ran from the hospital after Pratyusha Banerjee was dead. Singh stated that he wanted to avoid the media attention and was not in a state to think anything and that is why he went away from there.Rahul-Raj-Singh--&-Pratyushya-BannergyChanging of statements– Rahul Raj Singh at first denied the reports of her pregnancy and then later accepted that he was aware of Pratyusha’s pregnancy. Moreover, he then confessed that he and Pratyusha mutually decided to abort the child as they were not married.[/tps_footer]