Bigg Boss 10: Post Eviction Gaurav Chopra Makes Revelations That Will Shock You!

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Gaurav Chopra, who was going strong in the game despite being a silent player, was evicted this weekend. Model turned actor Gaurav Chopra’s eviction was quite shocking for the viewers as well as for the housemates. It was unbelievable for everyone that how Monalisa got safe along with strong contestant VJ Bani. Well, now Gaurav is out of the house and has made some shocking revelations. In LIVE chat with TOI, Gaurav Chopra spoke about who is manipulative in the house, calls Bani J as a part of him and much more. CLICK NEXT TO READ MORE!

On doing first thing after stepping out of the house: I called my parents as soon as I came out and asked them everything is okay as I was quite worried because I had a habit of talking to them every day.

On being disappointed with eviction: I was overwhelmed rather than disappointed. Bigg Boss showed wonderful moments…. I did not get a chance to meet everyone before eviction but it was a huge overwhelming moment for me. Bigg Boss gave me wonderful farewell speech with wonderful moments. When I stepped out, I was just feeling those emotions I just want to be in the love of fans and the reactions I have seen after my eviction.

Referring to Bani, Gaurav said, “A part of me is inside, I have not come out fully and now I can support from outside and the part of me which is inside will do its best from inside.

On who is a Manipulative person:  Gaurav took Manveer, Manu, and Mona’s name and said, “I am not saying this because they are friends, but I will differentiate.”

On Manu’s lie: “Manu is openly manipulative because he feels that it is the only way of playing the game. He came up to Manveer (who is his best friend on the show) and said that he had gone to his house and met everyone and that everyone was very happy with him, while he hadn’t gone to his house and didn’t meet anyone. Manveer’s family had also come on the show and told him that Manu is manipulating him”

Talking about Manveer, Gaurav said, “Manveer is the second manipulative person, and it will be a surprise for you as you might be thinking that he plays from the heart, but I can prove it to you in thousand instances that he never says anything to anyone’s face whom he thinks as a strong competitor. He is just upfront with those who are friends with him in his comfort zone, and then he pokes fun at them behind their back with the others.”

“Manveer knows that Manu is using him, and when would Manveer turn that relation upside down will be seen in a week or two weeks time,” Gaurav added.

On Mona being manipulative: “Mona’s way of manipulating others is completely different. She becomes innocent and says that she can’t do the task and has to go, but in reality, she is the one to whisper in the ears of Manu and Manveer. She can’t be detached with any situation and always forms personal and biased opinions.”

“I had gone to Bigg Boss 10 house to know people and to know myself, not to win it”

On taking stands: I used to stand for those with whom I had some relation…The person who is not important to me and says wrong about me, plots behind me, I don’t care about them

On supporting Bani and Rohan: I did everything possible to protect Bani and Rohan; I didn’t keep any demands from them

About Bani:  Bani and I are completely different from each other, I always felt protective of her… It was important for me to take care of Bani and be a good friend of her.

Who deserves to be in top 3: I would want Bani, Rohan or one out of Manu – Manveer to reach top three