Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 Recap: The Taunt Game Between Ex-Lovers Roopal Tyagi And Ankit Gera


tAUNTAfter an eventful day 1, day 2 begins with a peppy track Bachke Tu rehna in Bigg Boss 9 House. Everyone is given household tasks. Mandana Karimi already has opinions about her fellow housemate Roopal Tyagi.She felt Roopal hardly does any work and has opinions about everyone. Mandana doesn’t like people who pass judgment on others. Oh , the irony !

Digangana Suryavanshi and her partner Roopal Tyagi are on bathroom cleaning duty. Roopal keeps saying that she doesn’t like to bring up Ankit Gera’s topic but she constantly goes on and on about him .We all know it is just post bad break up bad mouthing . This is when Ankit Gera and Arvind Vegda walk in.While Arvind is busy doing his work, Ankit makes sure he indirectly taunts Roopal. Two words for Ankit Gera – Grow Up !!

Post work, Prince Narula and Roopal Tyagi bond .Prince basically was in self praising mode. Prince’s idea of conversation is to tell people how violent he used to be? We get it Prince.You have a fair share of reality show experience and violence too .

Finally,task one is assigned which is a Luxury Task.This task is related to all kinds of phobia.

First phobia – Omphalophobia which is the fear of bellybuttons is a given to Roopal and Digangana by Prince and Rochelle. They think the girls are the weak ones. The task was to touch the bellybutton with their face. Ew !! These two girls completed the task successfully.

Second Phobia- Globophobia which is a fear of balloons.Bigg Boss asks Keith Sequeira and Mandana Karimi to choose and they select Arvind Vegda and Ankit Gera . Their task was to blow up the balloons until it bursts.They successfully completed the task too.

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Meanwhile,Rochelle tells how she chased Keith and how they finally got together.Well ! We would like to know more Rochelle. Also,did anyone notice how Keith had very little to say about Rochelle’s love declaration for him.

Third Phobia – Obesophobia which is an abnormal fear of gaining weight.Kishwer Merchant and Aman Verma are asked by Bigg Boss to select next pair and they choose Vikas Bhalla and Yuvika Chaudhary. Kishwer thought sending a strong contender would help them win luxury task.The task was to eat all the food provided in 15minutes.After a few minutes,Vikas and Yuvika quit the task as Yuvika couldn’t eat more.

Fourth Phobia- Phalacrophobia is a fear of baldness.Ankit Gera and Arvind Vegda select Suyyash Rai and Rimi Sen.Rimi ,right away,quits the tasks.Suyyash wanted to perform  in the task.But,they had to quit because both were supposed to get bald.

The day ends but the drama begins.The TV’s famous couple , Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant , popularly known as Sukish discuss their partners and how this is going to affect their performances.

Also,Kishwer has a nickname for Aman Verama- “Jhandu Ram”. Ha !

The second day in the house was pretty entertaining.From what it looks like is that a lot a drama is on the way for the audience.

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