Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: After VJ Bani, Om Swami Makes Ridiculous Comments On Lopamudra Raut’s Family

Bigg Boss 10 contestants are quite annoyed with troublemaker Om Swami. Despite getting repeated warnings from star host Salman Khan, Om Swami has continued being violent and intolerable. As earlier we reported, Bigg Boss introduced a fun task called, “BB Hostel”. The task required boys and girls of the house to exchange their love letters and also protect them from wardens Priyanka Jagga and Om SwamiBani & Gaurav, Nitibha & Manveer, Manu &Mona and Lopa & Rohan were the couples of the task and will be secretly exchanging their love letters.

During the task, Om Swami tried to get aggressive and violent with Rohan Mehra. In order to protect his letter from Om Swami, Rohan Mehra hides in the bathroom to keep it safe. While Rohan was in the bathroom, Om Swami tries to kick the door. Seeing this horrific behavior of Om Swami, Lopamudra asks Om Swami to behave himself.

Well, what happened next is quite disgusting from Om Swami’s side. CLICK NEXT!

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, after making mean comments on VJ Bani’s mother, Om Swami has once again made such comments but this time on Lopamudra’s family. Lopa warns Om Swami that if Rohan is hurt in any way, she won’t spare him. This created a verbal fight between the two and during the argument, Om Swami made some disgusting comments on Lopa’s family that left her annoyed. Well, Lopamudra is quite offended and it seems, Om Swami has landed himself in trouble once again.

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