Exclusive Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: Puneet Abuses Mandana!

Mandana-PuneettAfter nominations, Bigg Boss 9 introduced cycle task for the contestants. The task was divided into two teams, Kishwer, Rimi, Puneet, Prince, and Suyyash are in one team and the rest contestants in the other team.
We exclusively reveal that the contestants is going to see never seen fights in the house. One by one each person has to keep paddling the cycle until they reach the destination. The cycle would be kept at one place and they have to continuously keep paddling.
Opposite team has to break and stop people to get off from the cycle in order to win. Mandana, Rishabh, Aman cross every line in order to pull them down and stop from paddling. Mandana starts throwing eggs and red chilli powder them, while Aman and Prince have heated arguments. You would be shocked to see when Puneet literally abuses Mandana. This all happened when Mandana tried to apply turmeric powder on him. But nevertheless, Prince‘ team is not giving up. Well we wait to see how long this task goes along with high voltage drama.
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