Koffee With Karan Season 4: Priyanka And Deepika – Fake Is Fashionable

Cofee Karan Cover Pic

The sixth episode of Koffee With Karan Season 4 had the politically correct Priyanka Chopra and the woman on guard Deepika Padukone.

The first one to walk in was Priyanka Chopra sporting a heavy American accent! And then Karan called the reigning Diva of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone.

While Priyanka had this “I Care A Damm” attitude, Deepika was “Extremely Careful” what she spoke and whom she spoke about mainly because of the baggage she was carrying from the last season.

The conversation between the two was boring as there was nothing much to say or share making the episode very dull and boring as neither even spoke their heart.

Though Deepika showed her vulnerability when she spoke about her broken relationship with Ranbir Kapoor but completely denied dating Ranveer Singh and even went on to say that she would want to settle down with someone who is not from the fraternity.

The only fun part of the episode was the quiz section when both the girls trying really hard to win and in the end it was Ms. Chopra who walked away with both the coffee hamper as well as the prize one gets for winning the quiz.

Now this is what everyone saw, everyone wrote and everyone made fun off. What nobody saw is this:

Priyanka Chopra was just being politically correct and trying to project this image of the so called “I DON’T CARE” kind of a girl, but one could feel that deep down she was nervous and insecure as hell.  Priyanka came across as someone who is very lonely, bitter and wants to prove it to the world that she can make it on her own and does not need any support.

On the other hand Deepika Padukone was well prepared to be on the show. Yes she was hurt and one can see that the girl is still not over her break-up with Ranbir Kapoor. Also what one could see was the fact that she was not willing to say nothing about Ranveer. In a totally non-committal mood, the girl was putting on an act, as she was playacting a part and not herself.

At the end of it, both the girls came across as totally fake and I really do not see the point why Karan had to interview them. This is the first episode of Koffee With Karan Season 4 that could have been avoided.