Photos: Ex-Girlfriend Kamya Punjabi Still In Love With Karan Patel, Hugs Him During BCL

Kamiya Punjabi & karan patel 6Kamiya Punjabi & karan patel 4Kamiya Punjabi & karan patel  Kamiya Punjabi & karan patel 2[tps_footer]As we all know, until last year, Kamya Punjabi and Karan Patel were the most talked-about couple of television. Unfortunately, the two parted ways and their break up is still a mystery for everyone. Few months after their terrible break up that disappointed many fans, Karan went ahead and married television actress Ankita Bhargava.

Though they spoke about their break up in public but never gave any reason behind their shocking fallout. Now we have got a recent piece of news that will leave many of them in shock and it might also create a trouble into Karan and Ankita‘s paradise.


Karan‘s ex Kamya, who is the owner of Jaipur Raj Joshiley (JRJ) team in Box Cricket League Season 2, opened up about her love life and much more. Many eyebrows raised when Karan and Kamya hugged each other post the match. But that all was done sportingly as it was a match between Chandigarh Cubs and Jaipur Raj Joshiley.

During a recent interview, Kamya said that her love doesn’t change with seasons and according to family’s convenience. She also added saying, she still loves him but doesn’t want him back in her life ever again as she can’t forget the pain she has gone through.

Talking ahead, Kamya opened up saying she respects word ‘Love’ and doesn’t want to reveal anything in public. The strong lady also added saying, Karan is a married man and she has no intentions to get him back in her life.


When she was asked if Karan feels the same for her, Kamya thought Karan would be the best person to answer about the same. But she even hinted something that would make many Kamya and Karan Patel fans happy. The Bigg Boss fame actress expressed that since the time Karan hugged her at the recent BCL match, people have been telling her that they have not seen him blushing and smile in last 4 cricket matches like he did during her match.

Well, we hope this strong woman finds her soulmate soon!

Also, watch the recent video of Kamya Punjabi from BCL, where she says that the magic of ‘KP‘ (Karan Patel) will always stay and that whenever Kamya‘s name will be taken, Karan would be joined to it. How sweet is that!