Salman Khan Being Human: The Journey After Hit-And-Run

Salman-Khan--ajhsc12 years long chase for Bollywood actor Salman Khan is finally over. After fighting the hit-and-run case for over 12 years, Salman Khan’s found guilty of all the charges and is to serve 5 years in jail. This 12-year long journey hasn’t been easy for the actor. The road was full of hard stones and he walked it. Here’s how his life changed after the hit-and-run incident.salman-Khan-Hit-And-Run-verdict-The Big Blow

All Salman fans would surely want to erase the night of 2002 that caused Salman Khan his today and his future and the victims the tragic misfortune. The night when the major hit-and-run incident happened. On September 28, 2002, one person died and four were injured in Salman’s hit and run case. The actor was put behind the bars for few days.Salman-Khan-Big-SideHuman Side

When Salman Khan was behind the bars and locked up in Bandra Police Station, the actor showed his human side. Salman refused to have home cooked food and returned the tiffin. He ate the jail food, drank the cutting chai while he shared the lock up space with petty criminals. Are we still on the “fame filled” behavior argument? Even when the actor never behaved like a star?Salman-Khan-BailCompensates The Victims

After few days, Salman Khan was granted bail. The actor was directed to pay interim compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the kin of the deceased and Rs 3 lakh to those who faced serious injuries and Rs 1.5 lakh to others. Salman Khan deposited the said amount with the court.Salman-Khan-Being-HumanFormation Of Being Human

Soon after the tragic incident happened, Salman Khan turned to charity work and became a philanthropist by forming a non-government organization named ‘Being Human’. The NGO which was supported by Salman Khan Foundation, adopted villages in Maharashtra and outside the state. The actor indulged in good causes by helping the people in need. All done in silence.Salman-Khan-Hit-And-Run-01010When His Career Saw Highs And Lows

In last decade while the actor’s case was on trail, Salman Khan’s career saw a lot of highs and lows in Bollywood. Not only in Bollywood but also the actor faced a lot of ups and downs in his personal life. First his cases in court and then his career and personal life, Salman became the most talked person in Media, as all the eyes were on him.Salman-KhanA New Day, A New Beginning

But just like they say, after every storm comes a rainbow. Salman Khan gave hit films for three years after 2002 in a row. In 2003, Salman gave us Tere Naam, in 2004 Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, No Entry in 2005. In 2007, Salman Khan teamed up with Govinda and gave a blockbuster film Partner.ek tha tigerBest Time In His Career

Salman Khan was having the best time of his life. Actor’s career was booming with his back to back super blockbuster films like Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Ready, Dabangg part 1 and 2, Jai Ho and Kick, Salman Khan became one of the most elite actors in Bollywood. All the mentioned films joined Rs 100 crore club. Not only was he a super star on the silver screen, but with Bigg Boss, Salman Khan also became THE star of Television.Salman-Khan-Photoshoot-1Became One Of The Most Helpful Person In Bollywood

Salman Khan possibly is one of the most helpful and friendliest people in Bollywood. The actor has launched so many big names in Bollywood. So many people thank him for their career. Not only that, well known celebrities consult Salman Khan when push comes to shove.Salman-Khan-EVent-002Troubles Continued To Chase Him

Even when Salman Khan’s life looked nothing less than a beautiful dream, nightmares didn’t stop chasing the actor. The troubles continued. Be it his war with fellow Bollywood well-known celebrity or failures in his love life, Salman had his share of misfortunes. Not only that, but the trails continued and soon, speeded up. Salman-Khan-Galaxy-Celebs-6262The Verdict After 12 Years

Now, on May 6, 2015 after over 12 years, the verdict on his hit-and-run case came out and it surely saddened a lot of people, including his fans, friends in Bollywood and family. Salman Khan is to serve 5 years in jail. Yes, the actor got convicted for five years for all the charges on 2002 hit and run case. However, he is granted two days interim bail till May 8.


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