Watch: Shahid Kapoor Reveals His Nervousness Infront Of Hrithik Roshan


We are quite familiar with Shahid Kapoor’s affection with dancing. Apart from being a breathtaking actor, is also a fantastic dancer and guess what? Shahid will take over the stage at IIFA 2015 with a dance performance!

At the IIFA press conference, Arjun Kapoor asked Shahid if he still gets nervous while performing or feels anxiety when he goes on the stage, to which the actor looked at Hrithik Roshan, who was sitting next to him and said, “When you once in a while, stand next to, sit next to, act next to or talk next to Hrithik Roshan, it just reminds you of the fact that you have a long way to go as a dancer and I am not saying this for effects.”

Haider actor went further on and made some shocking revelation. Yes, Shahid Kapoor recalled an incident that changed his perspective and attitude completely. The actor talked about the time when he saw Hrithik Roshan’s film and the effect it had on him. “When I first saw Hrithik’s film Koi Mil Gaya, I remember, I have bought myself a sports bike. I had just made my debut in Bollywood, so I came on my bike, thinking I am all cool and I’m in it and all. I saw the film and I left in a rickshaw. Because I felt so depressed about myself as an actor, as Hrithik is amazingly inspiring and seriously, seeing him dance is a learning experience every time,” Shahid revealed.

Hrithik Roshan is very peculiar about his dance and so he puts great amount of time rehearsing his steps and getting everything perfect. Shahid Kapoor revealed how all the Bollywood choreographers admire theBang Bang star for his hard work. Knowing the fact that he’ll be performing on the same event where Hrithik is, on the same stage, makes Shahid feel nervous about his performance at the IIFA 2015.

Arjun Kapoor, who’ll be hosting the award show along with Ranveer Singh, joined in saying that when he saw Kaho Na Pyar Hai, he wanted to wear the black tshirt that Hrithik wore and that’s the reason why he lost weight, so he can wear clothes like that.

Reminiscing the good old days, Arjun recalled the famous step that the actor did in Kaho Na Pyar Hai. Shahid, who was quick to understand where Arjun was getting at, requested Hrithik to get up and perform the famous step in front of everyone. Being a sport that Hrithik is, the actor agreed and asked Shahid to join him too and that’s when the two had their Kaho Na Pyar Haimoment on the stage.