Hub71 Calls in Ahmad Ali Alwan as the new Deputy CEO

Image Courtesy Hub71.

Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem powered by Mubadala, has appointed Ahmad Ali Alwan as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. The position bolster up Hub71’s senior leadership team with an experienced, talented local leader to help drive forward its long-term strategy and fulfil its global aspiration.

Hub71 initiate a strategy to build a global platform that grows startups at every phase. This includes escalate the ability of founders to design, develop and deploy innovative and unique products and solutions at scale with the aim of raising capital, securing customers, and growing sustainable technology companies across a broad range of sectors.

Ahmad as a founding member of Hub71 since 2019, he will continue to support the growth of its high-spirited community of startups and raise its description in distinguished technology markets around the globe . As Ahmad past role and functions at Hub71 comes up with strategy, stakeholder management, finance, investor engagement and day to day operations. Earlier before getting the role of Deputy CEO, Ahmad worked in the UAE Clusters Asset Management team at Mubadalas’s  UAE Investment Platform, supervising a portfolio of UAE based aerospace and technology assets which include Strata, a composite aero-structures manufacturing facility; Sanad, a global aerospace and industrial services champion; G42, the AI and Cloud Computing company; and Hub71. Before this , Ahmad supported the launch of Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners in 2019.

Ahmad was also a part of Mubadala’s Portfolio Strategy team previously , where his role was to work on formulating the corporate strategy, overlaying internal and stakeholder objectives as well as supporting Mubadala’s leadership with top notch and exceptional projects. Throughout the same time with the Portfolio Strategy team, Ahmad performed and gave in as the working committee secretary and part of the PMO for the Mubadala-IPIC merger back in 2016-2017. He started his run through in his career at Mubadala within Mubadala Capital’s Private Equity fund investment team.

Adds on with Badr Al-Olama, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Hub71, said: “Ahmad has supported Hub71’s platform and journey from very long period of time since the beginning and with his strong commitment to founders within our community, we will advance and quicken the energetic pace were operating at to progress out strategy of advancement of tech startups globally from Abu Dhabi.”

A comment made by Ahmad Ali Alwan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Hub71: “I am privileged to have the opportunity to contribute towards Hub71’s mission of building on Abu Dhabi’s efforts to become a world- renowned tech hub. The community of founders and team members that Hub71 has amassed over the past three years is testament to Hub71’s efforts and to our government’s support in building an impactful platform for people and the economy.”

From 10-14 October , meet Ahmad Ali Alwan , Deputy Chief Executive Officer and the Hub71 team at GITEX in Dubai where they will showcase the value of Abu Dhabi’s thriving ecosystem where founders are capturing opportunities to level up the growth of tech startups with global impact.

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