Jayeshbhai Jordaar’s Jordaar trailer stealing even more Hearts than Screens!!

Yash Raj Films has kicked off its 50th-anniversary celebrations with Jayeshbhai Jordaar, featuring actor Ranveer Singh. The production house unveiled an intriguing marketing campaign to raise curiosity for their project’s topic – honouring the girl child – before releasing the much-anticipated teaser.

The trailer of Jayeshbhai Jordaar has left us asking for more. While some speculated that the film is about Ranveer’s character, Jayeshbhai Jordaar, being afraid to embrace fatherhood, others speculated that it is about male pregnancy, which generated a lot of pre-trailer hype on social media among Ranveer’s large fan base.

We can’t ignore the equally jordaar promotion of the movie at every metro station and now in the Instagram accounts of celebs themselves. From Mumbai to Bangalore to Delhi, YRF ensured that Ranveer Singh’s humorous poster was plastered over all public hotspots and notable locales, including metro stations and bus shelters, among others.

While Anushka went first holding a “scentless” soap in her hand to promote the movie, Katrina too shared a picture referring to the scentless soap as a silent protest.

“Our endeavor was to generate captivating conversation around our film Jayeshbhai Jordaar even before the launch of our trailer.” Manan Mehta, Senior Vice-President – Marketing and Merchandise, Yash Raj Films, says of the inventive marketing approach. “So we decided to employ a potent concoction – a visual of a foetus and asked a pertinent question. A question that not only addressed the core theme of our film but also allowed our audience at large to actively participate in conversations around our campaign.”

“Thus when Jayeshbhai, played by India’s biggest superstar Ranveer Singh, while holding a foetus raises an inquisitive question we effectually created a substantial Curiosity Gap. Through this campaign, we not only ensured our audience is aware of our film but is also focused on the subject of our film – female foeticide.”, he continued.

Divyang Thakkar, who starred in the blockbuster films Kevi Rite Jaish and Bey Yaar, has written and directed a social comedy starring Ranveer Singh. Singh’s titular hero confronts his family’s anti-gender prejudice.

Ranveer never fails to come up with a new character in his films. Jayeshbhai Jordaar too is one such movie in which he appears to be like a lamb to the slaughter but fights everyone when it comes to his family.

Ranveer Singh reprises his role as a likeable boy-next-door living under his father’s control, who must break free from his shell in order to combat his beliefs, family, and society. In Jayeshbhai Jordaar, he must battle his father, society, and even his own faults in order to preserve his pregnant wife, played by Shalini Pandey.

Bollywood continues to deliver quality content and is using movies and is using movies not only as a medium of entertainment but communication. The movie is a complete package of drama, comedy, action, and ofcourse the main issue that is focuses on, gender discrimination and gender biases. 

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