Amir Syed’s Animated Times is a well-known global phenomenon with a fan base of over two million readers

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Entertainment guides happiness to our frenetic life which is as powerful as a drug for everyone’s health. Music, Movies, TV, and Comics bring joy in life. It holds the eyes and interest of the people around the globe. People are always intrigued by the happenings of the Entertainment world. The Entertainment world is shrinking every second with the advancement of the digital age and it’s every information is available just on a tap of a finger. There are various entertainment websites that breathe on this principle such as Variety, Hiphollywood, Eonline and Animated Times.

Animated Times is one such entertainment website whose goal is to deliver every story of the entertainment world to the readers. The website was founded by Amir Syed in 2017 with an aim to provide news of the entertainment world.  Amir is a native of Lucknow, India who calls himself a proactive internet enthusiast since discovering about the internet in his childhood.

Today, Animated Times is a well known global phenomenon with a fan base of over two million readers. Among these two million, 41.13% of the website’s traffic comes from the United States of America followed by India and the United Kingdom with 6.20% and 6.06% respectively. The major sources of this traffic on the website are Search (58.17%), Social (30.01%), and Direct (10.73%). An interesting fact about the Keywords (Ideas, topics, phrases, words that define content which searchers enter into search engines) which are responsible for the traffic on the website through Search is that all these Keywords are 100% organic and none of them are paid.

The credit for this massive outreach goes to the unique and diverse content available on the website. Memes are the latest addition to its preexisted content categories such as News, Movies, Comics, TV, Pop-culture along with anime for anime lovers. The website not only provides the latest buzz about all these categories but also a unique insight to create engaging and promising content.

Animated Times also has a huge social media presence. It has 16.9K followers on Instagram with over 1,041 posts about Daily comic book facts and news. On the other hand, 605K followers engage daily with the captivating posts of Animated Times on Facebook.

Some people may think that being associated with the entertainment industry is an easy thing. But those who have tried their luck in this business understand that it is the same as undergoing years of training to organize a holiday that all guests will enjoy. Animated Times is a similar holiday where their entire guests are handed over the latest information about their favorite topics along with a motive of a joyful and enjoyable experience.

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