Ari Mannis sheds light on his journey as a stand up comedian

Ari Manis

The innate purpose of comedy is to make people forget about their daily drudgery and sink into moments of unadulterated happiness in the form of laughter.

The success story of Ari Mannis is that of relentless hard work, breaking stereotypes and grasping every opportunity life throws at you.

From the very definition, Stand-up comedy is a comic style in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience, usually speaking directly to them. The performer is commonly known as a comic, stand-up comic, comedian, comedienne, stand-up comedian, or simply a stand-up. In stand-up comedy, the comedian gives the illusion that they are dialoguing, but in actuality, they are monologuing a grouping of humorous stories, jokes and one-liners, typically called a shtick, routine, or set.

Stand up comedy has evolved as a mainstream form of comedy and has percolated through to almost every country in the world.

Today, stand up comedy isn’t just reduced to a mere art, but a full-time profession. Whenever you think of stand up, names like Louis CK, Russell Peters pop up. But today, many artists made it big in the world stage.

One such visionary is Ari Mannis from San Diego, California. For a teen graduating college, the ambitions are sky high and being a stand-up comedian is rarely on someone’s radar. Yet, Ari embarked on his journey as a stand-up comedian. Graduating from University of California Santa Cruz as a student of digital media, that was a career path least expected from him. His journey would require him to break a lot of social stereotypes.

Some years down the line, he succeeded. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he is the heart of stand up comedy. He performs regular shows in notable venues like The Comedy Store, The Ice House, The Improv to name a few.

Paving his way in every form of mainstream media, his shows were featured on MTV’s Greatest Party Stories Ever, Gabriel Iglesias’ Stand Up Revolution on Serious XM, Nerdist, FunnyOrDie, Cracked, Medium, College Humour and TBS.

Creativity was always there in his DNA and so he took the next step and started with a monthly comedy show in his living room. It has been featured on Vogue, AirBnB Experiences, Yelp’s Things to Do, Comedy Vortex, and LA Weekly.

He also started a comedy news & podcast network called StandUpTalk, where you can find his podcast ‘Unlicensed Therapy’. It has been featured on SoundCloud, iTunes with over 500,000 subscribers.

Boasting of footprints everywhere, Mr.Funnybones made it large in comedy.

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