Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Provokes Bani In An Inappropriate Way, You Won’t Believe What She Did Next!

Every contestant in Bigg Boss 10 house has a strategy to deal with various situations. Also, as we all know the contestants are locked in a house and have no connected with the outside world for almost three months. But slowly, the housemates are losing their temper and have no control to what they are doing. Yes, we are referring to VJ Bani, who is currently very upset and frustrated contestant in the house.

Bani is an undoubtedly strong contestant of the show but is emotional weak equally. In tomorrow’s episode of Bigg Boss, you will see never seen avatar of VJ Bani after Om Swami uses inappropriate words for her mother and family during the captaincy task. On listening to this, VJ Bani loses her temper and begs Bigg Boss to let her go out of the house. Later, she does some unexpected things in anger that leaves housemates in a shock.


She storms out of the activity area where the housemates were playing the captaincy task and bangs the main door of the Bigg Boss 10 house in frustration. Almost choked up and about to cry, Bani bangs the main door of the house and keeps saying that she is in the house only because her best friend Gauahar Khan wanted her to be.

Well, the game is going too intense now!