Chetan Bhagat Is The Epitomy Of Shameful Veil Of Ignorance Amidst #MeToo Stir

Several women had called out writer Chetan Bhagat for being a sexual predator and Ira Trivedi was one of them who openly called him out. In a trail of events that unfolded, it sure is no veil of ignorance that one can put to say how Chetan is as insensitive and derogatory to a woman as he has ever been, especially to a woman, Ira Trivedi who has accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour in the wave of #MeToo that became a moment of renaissance for the women of the country to face out their predators.

The most recent dig by Chetan Bhagat only goes on to prove how misogyny and insensitivity stays ingrained within his self to turn around the matter and applaud rape threats being sent to Ira, openly. Amidst the trolls, Chetan has only gone on to capitalise on the situation and take full advantage of it, as shallow as it could get.

On Friday, over Ira Trivedi’s past issue where during a broadcast she has expressed her opinion, a rather insensitive and opportunist Chetan took to his handle to give a demonstration of his brass arrogance with a veiled tweet, “Karma”. While a section of people were only addressing the issue, Chetan Bhagat found this as the best opportunity to further downgrade the point and turn it into an indirect dig at Ira. By commenting so, Chetan has aligned himself with the trolls who attacked Ira with rape threats, showcasing his bushwa take and demeaning the several women across the country which also includes the women who have accused him of #MeToo.

A shameful attempt by Chetan, yet again! Well, all we can say is #MeToo became a wave and Chetan sure even now, sides by or falls in the court of the predators, given his continued callous take on the whole stir which he himself is at the centre of where not one but several women have accused him of sexual harassment.

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