Exclusive Bigg Boss 10: Shocking! Rohan Mehra Slaps Om Swami After He Goes Intolerable


Housemates expected some peace inside Bigg Boss 10 house after Priyanka Jagga’s exit but things have turned worst, courtesy Om Swami. Again with his nasty antics, Om Swami harassed the housemates during the captaincy task “Toofan”. More than anyone, Rohan Mehra was quite annoyed with Om Swami’s intolerable behavior. In fact, Rohan had warned Om swami to behave himself after he got physical during the task.

Well, now things have turned ugly inside Bigg Boss 10 house after Om Swami instigated Rohan Mehra to the extent that he went ahead to him. We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Rohan Mehra slapped Om Swami after he lost his patience. The war of words went way too ugly that made Rohan hit him. Om swami has complained to Bigg Boss that he can hardly hear anything after Rohan slapped him. As per our source, Bigg Boss can take strict action against Rohan Mehra for hitting someone, which is against the rule of the show.

Well, now it remains to see if Bigg Boss leaves Rohan with a warning or some action is taken against him. What do you have to say about this shocking incident? Share your views in the comments section below.

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