Film Review: Heropanti-More Snore Than Roar!


Heropanti -Cover-PicSabbir Khan’s Heropanti sets itself in the Jatland of khap panchayats and honour killings. When local goon Chaudhary’s (Prakashraj) older daughter Renu elopes on her wedding night with Rakesh, all the male members of the family grab their guns and lathis and set off in search of her, clear that once she is found she will be killed.

The thugs first round up Rakesh’s friends, including Bablu (Tiger Shroff) who is repeatedly accused of doing Heropanti to which he has the same standard reply: ‘doosron ko aati nahin; meri jaati nahin’ (Others don’t know how to; I don’t know how not to). There also no explanation why some NRI is also incarcerated with Rakesh’s three college friends and why, even when afforded the opportunity to escape, they never do!

Bablu falls in love with Chaudhary’s younger daughter Dimpy (Kriti Sanon) setting up the twist in this tale. Will she cross her father knowing the possible consequences, will Bablu whisk her away or will the father do the honorable thing? Prakashraj’s character as the conflicted father is the only one that is given layering.

This is exactly what a launch vehicle for a star kid looks – an introduction scene in which he bashes up a dozen guys single handedly while also utilizing all the equipment in a gym. Later on he gets to throw of his shirt (more than once) and show off a well-cultivated physique. He also leaps off buildings and flips around spaces. He has songs, dances and a romance, but these three departments are Tiger Shroff’s greatest weakness. He needs to work on his lips synch and feel the songs to be convincing. In scenes focused on Tiger, if it weren’t for the background music, I wouldn’t know what to feel. This Tiger does not have a roar, yet.

Sanon simply adds eye-candy to this shallow work. The chemistry between her and Tiger is as combustible as trying to light a match in the rain.

Heropanti is only marginally more engaging than Khan’s earlier debacle, Kambakkht Ishq.

I would like to see Vidyut Jamval and Tiger Shroff in an action movie face off! Any takers?

Rating: **