Finally, Shraddha Kapoor’s Dream Comes True With Rock On!! 2


Yes you heard it right; Shraddha Kapoors dream has finally come true with the sequel of the cult film Rock on.

When Shraddha Kapoor had watched Rock On in theater with her family, she had decided on that very day, that if ever there is a sequel to this amazing movie, she will be starring in it.

Now that she has finally accomplished what she was yearning for all these years, she just cannot believe it.

The talented actress was astounded when she had seen Rock on; she was so much in awe of the story and the music of the film that she had decided if there is a sequel to this movie she will bag the film for herself.

Shraddha Kapoor always had an inclination towards music and that is why she instantly connected with the movie and wanted to work in the sequel of the same.

Shraddha has not taken the movie for granted even after bagging the film, she has learnt piano for Rock On!! 2 and had also underwent vocal training for the movie.

It will be surely be delight to see Shraddha perform in Rock!!2