Here’s Why Vaibhav Verma Is Making A Lot Of Noise On Social Media

Vaibhav verma

If you haven’t been paying attention on social media then pay attention, and if you already know who Vaibhav Verma is, you know what a hot topic he is.

Vaibhav Verma is an up and coming Youtuber and Instagram celebrity. He hails from Delhi and is a professional Tabla player, he uploads covers of various songs and also has been collaborating with various artists from the industry like Honey Singh, Hardy Sandhu, Rahul Jain and many more.

He is regular when it comes to uploading content and it is nothing less than fresh and they touch your heart. Vaibhav has been creating a lot of noise on social media(pun intended) and has been given shout outs by the likes of Bhuvan Bam and even T-series.

Keep an eye out or in this case an ear for Vaibhav and his music.

You can follow him on Instagram at @vaibhav_verma_official