Isha Manju Talks About What Inspired Her To Get Into ‘mom Blogging’

isha manju

There are a lot of popular fashion and lifestyle bloggers and influencers in the world. However, Isha Manju does not belong to the usual and is a successful Mom bloggers. Isha shares blogs about motherhood and the amazing journey and every day experiences of being a mother.

The journey of being a Mom blogger wasn’t an easy for Isha but her story proves if one is confident and dedicated enough, they can achieve anything. Isha Manju started blogging after her marriage but her family wasn’t convinced enough for her choice of career. Because blogging was new and no one understood the logic behind in India back then.

Isha got her husband’s support and he also believed in her that she will go well in it. Isha was a college professor and after her child Taanish was born, her mother suggested tjay she should blog about motherhood aswell along Fashion and Travel.

About why she liked her mother’s idea, she said, “I liked the thought because when I was pregnant, I didn’t get enough information about the pregnancy especially for the Indian ( we have different genes). I wanted to share my journey with all the amazing moms out there. And lately got a great response from audience. Mom influencers are not so popular in India yet. But it’s good to see myself in top Mom Bloggers. It’s evolving slowly.”

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