It is all about faith – says lifestyle influencer Alan Lazar

If there is anything that motivational speaker Alan Lazar values most, then it is his faith
in God. Having spoken in his podcasts and TV shows like Tim Storey’s World Shakers
about his unwavering faith even when he was going through a financially lean time, Alan
chose to give away his Instagram handle @bible to the world’s largest Bible app,
without any second thoughts. The bidding war for this Instagram ran into six figures,
with multiple establishments and individuals wanting to claim it. But in absolute, Alan
Lazar style humility, the handle was given away for free because he wanted the app to
be used for good to reach out to more people.

Alan mentions, “Faith is very important. So ideas are of reaching big audiences to help
people to know more about God”. Needless to say, faith is one of the strongest pillars of
society and many people look up to faith in good and bad times. Lazar’s act of kindness
goes a long way in establishing his reputation around the world as a person of humility
and integrity. He inspires thousands of people all over the world who aspire to reach
success in the same way that he has been able to achieve it.

With no college degree and no family business or inheritance to back him up, Alan
Lazar’s larger than life image that we know today is an achievement of his own. This
self-made man has been able to throw away stereotypes that success only comes if you

are born with a silver spoon. Instead, he inspires and motivates his audiences every day
to hustle and aim for success no matter where they stand today. He encourages people
to believe in themselves and the plans of God in order to reach out for success. A single
bachelor who continues to gain more fans every day, Alan Lazar is a living example of a
self-made man.

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