Lopamudra Raut Is Big Time Into Fitness And She Believes That Diet Is The Most Important Thing In Health And Fitness

Lopamudra Raut

Lopamudra Raut was seen in Bigg Boss and Khatron Ke Khiladi. She looked to be in great shape. But little do we know that Lopamudra has a rigorous workout schedule and an even better diet.

Lopamudra is big time into fitness and she believes that diet is the most important thing in health and fitness. Lopamudra is a health and fitness freak and that is nothing new but little did we know she enjoys having a healthy diet. Most of the time she is living out of a suitcase as her work demands it but she keeps up the diet game strong we spoke to her and here is what she got to say, ” I am bound to miss out on the workout sometimes because of work commitments but it’s mostly about what I eat that shapes me. I love salads and it helps me stay healthy. Salads and grilled chicken with sautéd vegetables with mashed potatoes is my staple. I enjoy weight training the most and to complement it I am very strict with my diet. I do indulge in pizzas and chocolates as a cheat meal once in a blue moon but it’s always under check. I am a complete foodie and I love to try out the local cuisine when I travel like I enjoy the dal bati if I am in Jaipur. People should enjoy food but keep it under check. The right amount of Intake of fat, carbs, and protein in the diet is a must and I strictly do not believe in starving your way to being skinny. “

Lopamudra loves outdoor sports especially basketball. She enjoys dancing, a healthy jog and even walking some time. Outdoor is a real plus for her.

Lopamudra Raut surely is looking a million bucks and she going to slay on screen very soon. We wish her all the luck and we are craving to see her on celluloid.

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