Make-up Artist Vandita Ahuja Has A Beautiful And Inspiring Message For All The Girls

vandita ahuja

Vandita Ahuja is a very popular makeup professional who believes that every face has its own beauty and with a little makeup one can look even more illuminated. She learned everything about makeup in the year 2007 from the makeup diva herself “Ms Vidya Tikari”. In 2008, she started working as a professional.

She also visited New York in the year 2011 and further took her skills to an international standard. Later in the same year, she gave birth to her second child and took a break from commercializing her work to give it all to her lil one.

In 2016, Vandita returned to working again and learned about more new makeup products, trends, and changes in the makeup industry. She even did a workshop with Meera Sakhrani and attended a master class with Ilaha Jiyeva in recent years.

About her makeup artist journey, Vandita said that it’s been a joyful ride and an amazing experience making pretty faces prettier and being worthy of making some beautiful transformations!

She also has a wonderful message to all the girls out there. Vandita said, “One suggestion I’d like to throw out to each and every girl out there is that please be in love with yourself. Love the skin you’re in, don’t keep trying to look fair or layer your face. Use makeup as a tool to lift your face and not cover it with a mask.”

She added, “A good makeup artist would never like to hide the beauty that already exists. Look natural, look confident and add a smile (some attitude is good for pictures) But a good heartfelt smile can be your biggest beauty trick! Stay Beautiful.”