Malaika Arora Khan Not Willing To Stay Married To Arbaaz Khan?


Arbaaz-Maliaka-[tps_footer]Another break up and divorce news wont be too hard to believe but if the couple is Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan then it’s shocking for sure. Years back during a shoot of a commercial they met and fell in love. Years later, during an ad shoot, it was reported that their marriage was on the rocks and they may part their ways. But soon that news was rubbished as a baseless rumours and they lived happily,… for a while.


Now, again since the time they started working in the reality show Power Couple, instead of showing their understanding and love for each other in their own show they parted ways and Malaika left Arbaaz to host the show all by himself. It’s heart breaking to see the couple who is suppose to take the test of other participant couples in the show of being together at every stage, has decided to part their ways.

Even Salman Khan and his entire family has tried to bring Arbaaz and Malaika together. Troubles in Sohail Khan‘s marriage with Seema Khan, who left his house and stayed with her parents, seems to have ended and they are back but the difference between Arbaaz and Malaika is still unsolved and now their parents have left it on them to sort it out. Looks like no one can bring them together until they don’t want it. And Arbaaz has already expressed his love and possessiveness for Malaika but recent reports suggests that she doesn’t need to rely on Arbaaz any more given that she has been single-handedly funding her son Aarhaan‘s exorbitant school tuition fees and other requirements. And that shocks us to know why is this even happening between the two ???


We know it’s a personal matter but it’s public now and we want to see them together and not apart. It’s raising the curiosity to know what is the unsolved issue between Arbaaz and Malaika that they just can’t get back with each other as a normal, fun loving couple then to rift away. Arbaaz has constantly maintained his statement of being in love with Malaika still and being afraid of losing her. Wonder what is making Malaika go away from Arbaaz?[/tps_footer]