Meet Rakesh Prasad-CEO Of India’s Fastest Growing Social Media Marketing Company

rakesh prasad

We all know how deadly a combination dreams and dedication are, and Rakesh the Founder and CEO of Sarcasm had more than enough of both of them to be able to build a social media empire as huge as this.
Sarcasm is not everybody’s cup of tea but Rakesh is not one of them as he has taken this cup of tea and made it literally into a money making machine. But things weren’t always this rosy.

The Beginning
There is a reason it is called a success story and each story must have a beginning
This story begins as a brainchild of 4 young college students who wanted to make the most of the new wave of change that the internet had brought upon. This group was spearheaded by none other than Rakesh who on December 29 2015 started the page we all know as Sarcasm.
Such was the reach of this page that within 6 months of starting the page they would reach 2 million followers. And it did not stop there ,as of time of writing , Sarcasm enjoys a combined fan following of 45 million across all social media platforms which would give many famous celebrities a run for their money.
With a broader vision in mind Rakesh thought it was best to found a company which would going forward represent the page and all its ventures. Thus was born Digihood Media Pvt LImited which is a conglomerate of Sarcasm and a few other pages Rakesh owns and operates across all Social media platforms.
And Rakesh has been able to achieve all this at just 24 years of age. We will let that sink in for a moment.

The Journey
More often than not the path to success if laden with challenges,sacrifices,hardships and what not. And the journey of Sarcasm was no different.
In a country like India, it is never easy to be different.You are ridiculed, people try to scare you with the fear of failure and Rakesh had to go through all this and more when he decided to drop out of MBA in a prestigious college just so that he could pursue his dream.But the difference was he did not allow the naysayers to make him abandon his dream. Sarcasm owes its popularity to Rakesh’s never say die attitude and tremendous self belief.
It was just a matter of time before Rakesh’s efforts bore fruit. When you have a huge following it is just a matter of time before the big brands come calling.And boy did they come. Sarcasm’s client list includes quite a few biggies like Vodafone, Wild Stone,McDonald’s, LG, Cadbury,Xiaomi and Warner Bros among others.
It is an open secret that bollywood and fame go hand in hand. And Rakesh had the fame and Bollywood was more than happy to collaborate. Digihood media has been responsible for the promotion of many films like Omerta,Raid and Veere di Wedding.

The Sustainability
4 years may seem like a short time , but in the social media Timeline 4 years are like an eternity. Many things literally become obsolete in far lesser than 4 years. But Sarcasm isn’t many things. Founded in 2015, Sarcasm has not only managed to stay relevant all these years, it is in fact growing as we write.
All this is thanks to Rakesh’s attention to detail and strive for perfection. The writers and the editors also work extra time to make sure that the content on the site is fresh, original and entertaining.

The Future
The journey so far has been nothing less than a dream, But Rakesh isn’t one of those people who prefers to rest on his laurels. He firmly believes that this is just the beginning and there is lots more to come.
He plans to double the page’s reach to around 100 million people in the next 6 years and going by Rakesh’s track record we are pretty sure this wouldn’t stay a dream for quite long.
We wish this young Entrepreneur all the success in the world.